Young foodbloggers are growing up

Can the art of gastronomy enter your veins?

 Obviously yes.

 Today we will tell you about three guys who made a choice a few years ago and who amaze us every day by keeping in mind the promise made then.

 We present the food bloggers Simone semprini, Manuel Guerrini and Jonathan guerrini

 These three young boys but with very clear ideas have hit and hit the hearts of many, thanks to their obsessive search for the exclusive dish and the obsession with perfection and the art of food and beverage.

 We strongly advise you to follow them and we guarantee you amazement at every post made on their social page listed below.

 We at GastroAdvisor hope to see some of their incredible posts on our social network.

 To conclude, the GA team wants to dedicate a quote from ANTHELME BRILLAT-SAVARIN adding also our best augurus to make careers in this profession that nowadays finds more and more space in the digital age.

 “The discovery of a new dish is more valuable to mankind than the discovery of a new star.”


What do you think?

NYC… Wine at the first base 🍷⚾️🧢❤

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