What are the advantages of giving a schezuan smacked cucumber dish a try?

Have you ever thought to try out the dish in which the cucumber will be the hero ingredient apart from the sandwiches? If you are a Chinese food lover, then you can make the smacked cucumber dish with the Chinese touch. By doing that you will come across the unbeatable combination of the Indo-Chinese dish. So today we are going to tell you why the dish is so admired and ordered at the Chinese restaurant in London.

Let us begin: 

Bombarding flavours 

The bombarding flavours of the dish make it so awesome. The cucumbers hen put in the marinades which consist of the hot chilli oil contributes even more to enhance the floating content of the dish. This dish is most admired because it has the potential to absorb different flavours all together at once with the shortest period.


If you wanna eat something aggressive, wild, flavoursome and tasty at the same time, then you should surely try this recipe out.


You can play with your food 

When it is about marination, then you choose the ingredients of your choice. You can choose to include the different seasonings. It could be either salt or peppers. The choice is yours because the taste is yours.


I know, you might be confused about which ingredients you should choose for the maintenance. If that is so, then do not get baffled up and concede to season it with salt only. 


Inclusion of the chilli oil

There are tons of lip-smacking cucumber recipes but this one is special and different. Wondering why? It includes Chinese oil. And thus it is not only included in the Asian cuisine but rather the Chinese restaurants also serve it with the utmost compassion. The soy sauce whose copyright is with Chinese also contributes to broadening the scope of the flavours…LOL!

Peppercorns…It’s your choice 

It is going to be your choice whether you want to include the peppercorns in it or not. For those who do not include it in the recipes, the primary reason for that is the numbing effect of the peppercorns. Their strong numbing effect is enough to overpower the other flavours of the dish.

Guilt-free snack 

Cucumbers are healthy for the body. They give a refreshing and boosting effect to the body. So if you find this dish savoury, then you can eat it without any guilt.


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