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pizza with Lionello


Born in 1987, I approach the world of pizza first out of necessity, then out of passion: I don’t think pizza chefs are born, but that they become one day after day by dedicating themselves fully to this art.

Over time I discovered that if you dedicate the right passion to it, the world of white art can reward you with great satisfaction.

Talking about me, without talking about my history and the area in which I grew up, is almost impossible for me: it is precisely in my memories that I find the greatest inspiration for my pizzas.

Sometimes a smell is enough to make me go back over the years, giving me suggestions that will then turn into new recipes.

Because for me, preparing a pizza means mainly that: to discover through its ingredients and flavors, the same emotions that inspired me in preparing it.

I remember my father’s hands moving nimbly behind the counter, the noise of the market in the square, the coming and going of people who stopped to eat “our” pizzas. Orta di Atella is the place where it all began, an essential starting point thanks to which I have become what I am today.

Using natural ingredients that come from my territory, following their seasonality, is my way of paying homage to the land where I grew up and to the people who have encouraged me throughout my growth path, both professionally and personally.

In 2014 I received my first recognition at the Parma World Championship for the best pizza in the pan, followed by that of Naples for the best gluten-free. It was at that moment that I realized what my path would have been: born as a necessity, pizza has now become one of the most important constants of my life, just like my family and my origins.


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