Top vegan-friendly destinations that truly define the meaning of veganism!

Are you a vegan? Looking for the right destination where you can stay worry-free about your eating? Well, we have prepared the list of best destinations where veganism has answers to all your eating worries. Veganism is becoming more popular day by day, and therefore, vegan tourism has come in trend. Now, you can easily find destinations that offer commendable vegan food. Though the choices may be a handful, but the food options are great for vegan guests. 

Exclusive vegan restaurants have opened across the world after PETA declared 2016 as “The Year of Vegan.” All these restaurants have found mouth-watering substitutes for delicious non-vegetarian dishes. All the dishes are prepared without any animal produce. So what are you thinking now? Plan a trip to any vegan-friendly destination and have a blissful vacation. Enjoy your time away from your home, and relish some delectable dishes. Let’s proceed further, and check out the list of top vegan-friendly destinations. 

Best destinations for vegan visitors

Veganism is basically a practice in which people don’t use animal products indirectly or directly. Instead, they emphasize using green vegetables or anything that has been grown organically. People who practice veganism are known as vegans. A vegan diet reduces the risk of cardiac arrest, infuses energy, doesn’t reflect aging, and helps maintain a great skin. So let’s start and go through the list of the best vegan-friendly destinations. 

  • Berlin, Germany

Berlin is one of the best destinations that are home to plenty of vegan-friendly restaurants, bars, and cafes. All the cafes offer gluten-free food for their vegan visitors. Make sure to make a visit to Neukolln or Helmholtzplatz to find out the best organic preparations and to satisfy your taste buds. There is a diverse menu for the brunch that includes products made from plant milk, juice, and green salad. Get a gluten-free bread and a platter of salad, a steaming cuppa of soup, smoothies & spreads for a healthy meal. Add Berlin to your bucket list, and plan a trip now with American Airlines reservations. The airline is a perfect choice to complete your journey amidst sheer luxury. 

  • Taipei, Taiwan

It is another vegan-friendly destination and offers a soothing treat to its visitors. You will not fall short of choices here as it provides lots of exciting vegan dishes such as, Udon Noodles, a selection of rice-based dishes, and Black Sesame Tofu. The city is well-known for its throbbing markets and temples. You will have an incredible time vacationing in this city. Try special waffles made from rolled oats, almond milk, and paninis made from veggies. You can easily find these waffles at any of the city’s restaurants. Moreover, explorers will find various small-scale shops that sell vegan food.

  • New York, USA

New York is indeed a paradise for vegans. They come here in huge numbers to explore the beauty of the city without any worries about their food habits. The city has accepted the idea of veganism quite earlier, and it now boasts innumerable vegan-friendly cafes, restaurants, and bars. There are plenty of dishes that you can try when in the city, such as bubble tea, faux meat wraps, veggie burgers, bean curd, tofu, and vegetarian dumplings. From juice stalls to completely organic fast foods, there is a lot that you can explore. 

  • Chiang Mai, Thailand

Planning to go on a vegan vacation at affordable fares? Well, Chiang Mai is the right destination for you. It is well-renowned around the world for its South Indian cuisines. Once you go there, you will find numerous eating options for you. Some of the popular places that offer the best vegan food are Wualai Road, Bumrungrad Road, Moon Muang Road, and Nimmanhaemin Rd. Some of the most authentic vegan food delicacies can be found here. Try out Egg Noodles, Banana Flower Salad, and veggie pasta to satisfy your cravings. 

  • Mexico City, Mexico

If you are looking for the best destination in North America that offers vegan food, then Mexico should be on the top of your list. The city has multiple recommended vegan eating joints. All the vegan restaurants or cafes have found an excellent alternative to dairy products like butter (made from cashew, macadamia, peanut, or almond), jam, cheese, and milk (made from almond, coconut, soy, or rice). The most used ingredient in vegan food is yogurt and nutella. You can even have vegan pizza here. Go to Mexico now with Southwest Airlines reservations to save maximum on your travel expenses. The airline offers stunning discounts on tickets to Mexico. 

Travel to these wonderful destinations and have a thrilling vacation with your near and dear ones. Plan a trip now or regret later. 


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