The most absurd carbonara in the world: spaghetti, thin slices,

And the prize for the most absurd carbonara in the world goes to Steven, a man who has prepared a dish that does not resemble our carbonara even from afar. But let’s go in order. Sit down so we tell you what ingredients this aspiring chef used.

But first, we tell you that Antonio Cannavacciuolo dei Poveri posted the photo of the aforementioned dish on social media, which reached 4 thousand likes and 8 thousand comments. Which of course could not express anything but disgust.

The most absurd carbonara in the world: horror is served!

Carbonara is perhaps one of the most popular first courses: eggs, bacon and pecorino. Nothing else is needed, yet someone always tries to overwhelm the recipe causing announced disasters.

Do any of you remember Gordon Ramsay’s carbonara?

And if you think cream is the worst thing, you’re wrong. First of all, dear Steven broke the spaghetti. And this would already be enough to ban him forever from a kitchen.

Then he used a seasoning that is currently unknown but which in color and texture is very reminiscent of the Barbecue sauce and to finish he added, completely haphazardly, a thin slice and sliced wurtsel.

Friends, do you understand the discomfort? Now, you don’t have to be Italian to understand that that dish has nothing to do with our beloved carbonara. In reality it has nothing to do even with a first course or something remotely edible.

The advice we want to give you dear Steven is to double-close the kitchen door. Culinary art is not for you and it would be better if you didn’t try again!

Which is a bit what those who commented on the photo of his crime think. Among those who suggest to accompany everything with a glass of vinegar and those who can not help but write the word “disgust”, we still have to find someone who has shown interest in tasting that crap.


What do you think?

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