How will the future of the Food & Beverage sector be shaped?

As we well know, one of the sectors most affected by the covid-19 pandemic is that of food and beverage.

Today, after about 3 months, how are the restaurants, bars and shops in the sector doing?

In some states such as in Italy restaurants and bars have closed due to state amendments, only now after several months these activities can reopen with the necessary precautions to protect customers.

  • mandatory masks for employees
  • table distances
  • sanitizing

These are just a few precautions that have become mandatory for the reopening.

Many business owners are worried about the more than limited number of place settings and customers, the takings no longer allow to bear the costs, in fact many restaurants have had to lay off employees, or have had to increase the prices of their menus

There are also activities related to tourism which for obvious reasons is practically nil.

As we understand, the scenario is not the best for the food and beverage sector and will not be for the whole year 2020


What do you think?

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