How to Watch Hulu Outside The U.S

Hulu offers some of the greatest shows like The Handmaid’s Tale, Nice Place, Fargo, and don’t forget the American TV channels live. But what if you want to watch Hulu from Europe, Australia or any part of the world?

Well, the official Hulu blog says:

“Hulu subscription is for use by members of the same US residence.”

“To sign up for Hulu, you need a US-issued payment source, such as credit card, debit card, PayPal account.”

Even though you can trick Hulu by changing your IP address to a US IP using a VPN, you still won’t be able to subscribe to the service as it only accepts US credit cards and Paypal.

Fortunately, there is a way to use Hulu outside of the US, even if you don’t have a US credit card or Paypal. So let’s see how to get Hulu from outside the fifty gray states, oh I mean the United States. Let’s start.

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Watch Hulu Outside The US

Step 1 – Get a VPN

First, you’ll need a VPN or Smart DNS service to bypass your US location. If you don’t have a VPN yet, I recommend choosing between Nord VPN and Smart DNS Proxy. Unfortunately, most free VPNs don’t work with HULU. If you have a VPN, keep it close at hand, we’ll need it later.

The second step – buy a gift card

We then need to buy a gift card for Hulu as it only accepts US credit card and PayPal.

There are several sites that work with gift cards, the best way is to do a Google search for “Hulu gift cards”. We usually use (you don’t need a US credit card or PayPal to buy a gift card for them), but it’s quite expensive. The $ 25 Hulu Gift Card is available for $ 29.

The next option is sites like Newegg and Target. As you can see, I can get $ 25 for just $ 25 with no additional fees, so I just agree. They also accept all types of credit cards and PayPal from all over the world. Just create a free account and check.

The only downside is that, unlike other gift card providers that send the code instantly, Target delivers the gift code to your email within 4 hours. But I think that’s okay as it also allows me to save 4 or 20% on each order.

In my case, it took 2 hours, once you get the code, copy it to the clipboard, we will need it in the next step.

Step 3 – Subscribe to Hulu

Then turn on your Smart DNS Proxy’s VPN and switch the country to USA. If you are using Smart DNS Proxy DNS, Hulu will be automatically unblocked. Just make sure you choose a Hulu-supported server.

Now go to the Hulu gift card redemption page and insert the gift card code.

On the following pages, choose your plan. I’ll go with the $ 6 ad plan that usually shows you can’t-miss ads every 20 minutes, but if you don’t like ads, opt for a $ 12 / month subscription. There is no difference in access to content within the platform.

Register with your email address, name and address. For a zip code like 10001 for New York, you can also add HBO right now for $ 15 along with Showtime for $ 11. And after a few levels of customization, you’re ready to watch your favorite Hulu shows.

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Hulu not working?

Like Netflix, Hulu also bans VPN traffic. Depending on which VPN you are using, you may see an error page like

Based on your IP address, we noticed that you are trying to access Hulu through an anonymous proxy server. If you are in the US, you need to disable your anonymizer to access videos on Hulu. ”

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