How common is coffee drinking in Greece? Why is greek coffee so special?

It surely does not mean that if the greek coffee is named after the GREECE, then it is the only country that can sell the best version of the coffee. Usually, the  greek restaurant Sydney sells the best greek coffee in the entire world. So each time you are ordering the greek food, do not forget to order the greek coffee as it will make your greek platter even more flavoursome.

Greece and Coffee

No doubt, Greece is known for its best food culture and its scenic beauty. But it should be known for its coffee which we all know as the greek coffee. For those who don’t drink coffee regularly or with passion and obsession, greek coffee is nothing more than an acquired taste.


Greece Ranks 17th in the world when it comes to coffee consuming countries. 


The per capita coffee consumption of greek people is nothing more than 5.5 kilos. 

How common is coffee drinking in Greece? 

Greeks do not rely on any beverage other than coffee. And because of that, all the greek people can be observed sipping on those beautiful mugs of coffee.

If talking about the folks, then the greek folks are the ones who can be seen to be enjoying the coffee as their daily rituals. And because of that, you will have so many coffee shops in Greece. So the moral of the story is that Greeks love to consume coffee but they feel reluctant in trying out the radius variations of the same.


Is greek coffee different from the coffee found in the other regions?

Coffee is coffee and it is the same in every country. But a little difference can be found in the method of its preparation. Like latte and cappuccino, both are coffees, but the slight difference can be discovered in their proportions and the preparations.

If it is about the difference, so let’s discuss such distinguishing features which make greek coffee one of the kind:

To make the greek coffee, the coffee beans are roasted at a specific temperature. After getting roasted, these are ground into the fine powder. This helps to bring about the freshness and the aroma of the coffee beans.


Usually, the other varieties of the coffee are brewed but the greek coffee is boiled. It is the feature that makes it distinctive.

OMG…The yum..yum flavour 

Because the greek coffee is boiled and not brewed. Ths the texture and flavour which is obtained are significantly creamy, luscious and considerably rich.


For the preparation of the greek coffee, usually, the arabica beans are considered. 

The huge benefit of consuming greek coffee is that it does not have excessive caffeine content. The caffeine, no doubt, will be present, but it will be in lower amounts.


After reading such useful and benefit-oriented information you might be wondering to give the greek coffee a try. If you want to know how it is made, then please read our blog on the preparation of greek coffee.


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