From Chile To The World!

Did you know that there is a plague (bug) called philloxera that kills the grape trees???? 

Yes….. It exists!!!! And it really has the power to exteminate the grapes and, of course, the wines from Earth!!!!! Oh, God!!!!

Did you know that in 1850 this plague reached all the grape fields around the world????

This is also true. It was a disaster. From Australia to Alaska, especially in France, philloxera made its dirty job!!!!

But there was a savior… CHILE! 

Because of its natural barriers, philloxera bugs could not reach the country. Around Chile territory there are montains, volcanos, desert, Pacific Ocean…. They were too much for the bug!!! Thanks Lord!!!!!!

So Chile had the assignment to send grape seeds to the world. Fortunately, in Chile all kind of grapes grow. The chilean soil is diverse and perfect. The terroir… amazing! 

We, winelovers, must thank Chile for our entire lives!

And, in my personal opinion, the best Cabernet Sauvignos are from Chile. And, along with California, the best Chardonnays as well. Meanly from Casablanca Valley!

I visited Chile in 2019, 7 wineries in 7 days, and I could check its wines “in loco”…. They are exactly what the researches had told me!!!!!!! Gourgeos!

The philloxera bug still exists, but now the winemakers know how to control it.

In Chile there are the natural barriers, but the chilean government is very careful about the issue. If someone tries to take a simple apple in its bag to travel to Chile, this person will pay a penalty of US$10 thousand. Who will take the risk??????????? Nobody!

They are all right… They must protect their soil, grapes, wines!

Chile was blessed by nature and gave the world its best product…. The grapes!

Thanks so much Chile!!!!!!!!!!!!!


What do you think?

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