Food, Netflix tells it …

For years, the giant of Netflix video streaming has surprised us with its contents, from movies to TV series, up to documentaries. 

During the past 12 months in the Netflix program there has been an increase in television shows and documentaries dedicated to food. From “chef’s table” to “Ugly Delicious”, from “Rotten” to “gourmet samurai” Up to the most innovative as “Cooked with Cannabis”.

 Real cooking competitions, to complaints about the counterfeiting of food, Netflix is really rich in content! 

Here in my opinion the most interesting ones:


A journey within the food supply chain to reveal unpleasant truths and hidden forces that authoritatively determine what we buy and eat.

-Chef’s Table

Some of the world’s most famous chefs share stories and inspirations. The discipline and the culinary talent of each cook are illustrated during the preparation of some dishes

-Flavorful Origin

Flavorful Origins is a twenty-part Mandarin-language television documentary series that explores China’s culinary secrets and various techniques and cuisines with native Asian ingredients from the Chaoshan and Yunnan regions.

-Cooked with Cannabis

Cooked with Cannabis is a 2020 web TV series. The premise revolves around a cooking competition in which recreational marijuana is used as the main ingredient.

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