do people prefer to have bagels over doughnuts? What is the history?

None of us likes to enjoy the coffee alone. We rather like to have some complimentary items with it like cookies and all. For this reason, the coffee shops in Sydney keep on enlisting new items in their menu. But there is one thing, which people like to order each time they order coffee in the famous cafe in Sydney.


A sweet item that is round, comes with a hole in between. You can instantly crave it anytime. This is one of the healthy dessert alternatives, which is full of carbs.


I know, from the terms ‘Sweet item’ and ‘Hole in between’, you might have probably answered ‘DONUTS’. But you are wrong here. Not every sweet item that has a hole in between is a doughnut. It could be BAGEL as well.


Are you hearing it for the first time? 

Haven’t you heard of the fresh bagels before? If not, then let me tell you, what is it? It is nothing more than the chewy and crusty bread which has creamy cheese in the form of the dollops.

Why do people prefer to have bagels over doughnuts? 

No doubt, both doughnuts and bagels are the most famous comforting foods. The slight difference in the factors which are accountable for fluctuating the likings is that:

The doughnut is treated as one of the most delectable breakfast items. But when it is about the bagels, then you can enjoy it every time. Whether it is early in the morning or in the evening.

For which two things in New York are famous?

New York is famous for its pizza and bagels. You will not find even a single household that does not have the stock of the bagels stored in the house.

What is the history of the Bagels? 

It is said that a king of Poland whose name was John III Sobieski saved the people of Austria from the Turkish invasion in 1783. To honour him, a special kind of delicacy was prepared.

The naming of the delicacy 

The baker, who was in charge of making something delicious for the king, made a savoury item, to which he gave the shape of the stirrup. The intention was to honour the horseman king. And considering that, he named the item “BEUGEL”.

The time passed 

The Bagels became so popular in Eastern Europe, that the variations keep on coming into existence. At last, BAGELS in the round shape with the hole in between were admired and it was decided to have them like that in the future.


The first round of bread came to the US. Some immigrants from the portal Ellis Island were responsible for bringing in this recipe. 


The bagels are the only form of bread that is boiled before it is put in the oven for baking. 


As soon as the bagel dough is shaped in a circular form, it is put in the boiling water. The boiling duration should not be more than 3 to 6 minutes. No sooner is the bread drained, than it is baked for nearly 10 minutes.

What is the idea behind that hole in the centre of the bagel? 

That hole does not have anything to do with the food culture or ethics. It was deemed to be had in the middle to hang multiple bagels with the help of the thread or strip of something.

But we cannot deny the fact that the hole in the centre makes them look awesome.


In the end, we would like to only say that the bagel is the most comforting of all the sweet items. Everyone should give it a try even once in their lifetime.


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