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E sempre ora di una buona pizza fritta . . . Che ne dite ??? 🍕❤️ Condividete e buon appetito🍕

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When I was a little boy, I anxiously waited for Saturday evening: the day when, according to an unwritten tradition but consolidated over the years, I went with my whole family to a pizzeria.  I loved watching pizza chefs move their hands dexterously and elegantly in the dough.

 At the age of 9 I started working in Vincenzo Costa’s “Da Gennaro” pizzeria, who took me under his wing and taught me all the secrets of the trade: of the hours I spent in that place I remember above all his teachings, concerning even before the  art of pizza, that of life.

 Shortly after my 18 years I decided that the time had come to test myself: I then left that pizzeria that had now become like a second family, to start my path of professional and personal growth, which led me to meet Rossopomodoro.

 In a historical moment when pizza was seen as an inviolable taboo, something to be kept as anchored as possible to tradition, Rossopomodoro experimented with completely new recipes and doughs, placing itself in a highly innovative way within this world.

 This desire to get involved has led me to achieve an important goal: the victory, in 2013, of the 12th Pizzaiuolo World Championship “Caputo Trophy”.  This victory marked the beginning of my collaboration with Caputo, the Naples mill.

 Thanks to Mulino Caputo, I learned how important it was, in addition to knowing how to do my job well, knowing the details that lie behind the ingredients, and the best way to use them.

 After so many years that I do this job, I realized that the secret is never feeling arrived: day after day, I never miss an opportunity to learn something new, approaching this job always with the same enthusiasm of the first day.


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