Brunch in Brazil!!

Very common in Europe and USA, brunch is still kind of new in Brazil!

The tradition here is, when we wake up a little late, we use to take some coffee and wait for the lunch…. Especially on Sundays!

But this old habit is changing and this week I gave all my attention for that.

My article and videos are about brunch!!!! And, as I am in Brazil, I baked and prepared drinks with brazillian ingredients.

My milk pudim and my milk bread were awesome, but the drinks were the champions: a Mimosa, a Bellini and a Sangria!!!!!

Ok, Ok, Ok!!!! I know what you will say: “They are not brazillian drinks!!!!!”, and I agree a hundred per cent!!!!!!!!

But I used a stunning Sparkling Wine and a gourgeos Merlot Red Wine from a traditional brazillian winery!!!!!!!! So my drinks for my brazillian brunch became a Brazil Stuff LOL

Salton Winery is located in the South of the country. It is one of the oldest wineries in Brazil. Their rewarded wines can be found worldwide!!!

For Mimosa and Bellini I used the Salton Demi Sec Sparkling Wine. In the Mimosa I added orange juice and Bellini took canned peaches…. They were so fresh and tasty!

My Sangria was prepared with a Merlot from Salton as well (this grape is not too strong), tonic water, orange juice, sliced cube apple and pineapple!!! You can also use Pinot Noir or Carménère wines for that!!!

To add even more brazillian touch, my brunch had white cheese and so many fruits!!!!

For me it was just like a party!

I have so many reasons to celebrate… everybody does!!!

At least one good thing happens everyday or one good memory comes to our minds everyday!!!

So let´s celebrate them…

It is Summer in North hemisphere, prepare those freshy drinks and celebrate life!!!!!!!!!!


What do you think?


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