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As kids, we grew up going through our education lives writing many things even we don’t remember how many papers we have filled. We started learning to write alphabets, then words, then sentences, then a paragraph, then passages, and then essays. At least we are capable to write essays after completing the higher secondary school level education. But when we enter the professional stages of education, the in-depth and detail-oriented essays, articles, presentations, journals, reports, desertions, research papers, and thesis that we have to prepare are somehow a headache. We need the proper knowledge and a method to put it in the above-discussed writing formats in a sequential manner. The arrangement and organization of the sentences, the usage of appropriate references, the fluency, and the association of one paragraph to the next is not an easy task to do. The finishing of those writings must portray the best academic outlook. Your writing must reflect the clarity of your concepts. The conclusions of your writings must be based on the conclusions extracted from the entire piece of your writing. Your writing must be presentable to the audience. To assist in writing the ideally best formats of the above-discussed niches of writings, the best essay writing service UAE is available for these writing services. The demanded quality of work is provided in the given time frame. Technical assistance and customer support are available at your feasible timings. The best writing services are not only locally but are provided internationally.

The English language is a major language used as a medium of instruction for educational purposes. If someone has a higher level of command over English he/she can write in any format and style of writing. The undergraduate levels of writings are most of the time essays, reports, articles, research papers, and presentations. The undergraduate levels studies are also termed as bachelor’s level of studies. Mostly undergraduate level students get the essay writing tasks in comprehensive or Arts and humanities-related subjects and they get the report writing tasks in analytical or business and finance related subjects. Also in the engineering subjects report writing is required, for example, feasibility report, and final year project (FYP) report. Such reports mention the technical details that are only intelligible by those who have command over those engineering subjects or those who are engineers themselves. On the other hand Graduate level students also termed as Master’s degree students are those who have successfully passed their 3 or 4 years of a Bachelor’s degree and persuading further education or higher studies of advanced level. Master’s degree could be of 2 years, 1 and a half years, and 1 year as well depending on what was the pattern of Bachelor’s level of education a student has attained previously. 3 years of bachelor require 2 years of Masters. 3 and a half years of Bachelors require the completion of 1 and a half year or 2 and a half year of Masters and 4 or in some cases, five years of Bachelors requires 2 years and 1 year of Masters respectively. This variation in the patterns of years is based on the educational system followed by the colleges and universities. Either it could be the British system or it could be the American system of education.

Writing solutions for the undergraduate level students is less complicated to be sorted out as compared to the graduate level students who demand their writings to be perfect in every aspect. The Outlook, the collection, and usage of appropriate and sophisticated vocabulary, use of terms and terminologies, the addition of diagrams, insertion of flowcharts and graphs to represent the statistical data adequately are a few of the demands of graduate-level students in their writings. Academic writing is required in the graduate and undergraduate levels of writings, that ultimately different from story writing, and editorial or column writing in the books and the newspapers respectively. Academic writing is based on the analysis of the writer as an outcome of the theories he/she has learned and the knowledge he/she has acquired. Creative writing on the other hand is a piece of work that is based on the idea of a person. The creative writing flows with the originated idea by a person in the form of a story or novel or another piece of literature. In the writing assignments related to the subjects of Arts, Humanities, and social sciences we can apply creative writing techniques. But other than that, academic writing has a disciplined pattern that must be followed while writing academic essays, articles, journals, or papers.

Usually, written and spoken English is quite different throughout the world. The reason is the influence of the U.S. spoken English over formal or informal written English. Sometimes some rules of grammar are followed by British English but ignored in U.S. English. These aspects must be considered while writing any of the formats of Academic writing. The use of punctuation is a much-neglected practice that must not be ignored in academic writing especially. Your wordings must be interlinked in a sentence to make their sense so that the reader can easily understand what you are trying to convey in your writing.   



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