Becoming like Gordon Ramsay: from 2021 it is possible, his academy of chefs is born

The umpteenth enterprise of the famous British chef aims to train a new generation of chefs by offering the opportunity to work in one of his many restaurants.

The Ramsay empire expands and in 2021 will inaugurate the “Gordon Ramsay Academy” in Woking, Surrey.

Gordon Ramsay, 53, in addition to being a well-known multi-award-winning chef and TV personality, is also the director of Gordon Ramsay Restaurants Ltd, the company that includes his restaurants and which last week compiled a 2020 profit report of 11, 9 million pounds (13 million euros). The report also reported that chef Ramsay provided the company with a £ 7.4 million loan out of his own pocket to deal with the difficult lockdown period. The Sun also reported that Ramsay actually worked for free last year after deciding not to take a salary from his company’s profits. Gordon Ramsay is worth $ 220 million (€ 185 million) with an annual salary of $ 60 million.

In 2021, therefore, the new adventure of the academy will start in which young chefs brave enough to face the judgment of the famous and “somewhat irascible” chef will be able to study alongside him to pursue a career in the world of catering.

“Gordon is super excited about the new academy. Giving space and opportunity to the next generation of British chefs is something he is passionate about. He can’t wait to see, hopefully, those same chefs in his restaurants in the future. Gordon Ramsay Academy will be an industry-leading facility, to offer people of all ages and culinary abilities the opportunity to take relaxed and fun cooking classes, will support people looking to enter the hospitality industry, offering them a place where to hone your skills “, reads The Sun.

A stint at the Gordon Ramsay Academy will do more than provide students with a foundation in gastronomy, but the course will also include practical experience and work.

“Students will also get work experience in Gordon’s restaurant portfolio and eventually there will be a guaranteed job. It’s a really fantastic idea “, concludes the article.


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