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Wine & Food Combination!

There´s one phrase that I always repeat: the wine has the power to enrich or spoil a dish!

The right wine can do magic!

And it is not that difficult or it doesn´t need some miracle formula… It is simple!

The intensity of wine and food must be considered.

Spicy meats ask for a intense red wine: Cabernet Sauvignon, Tannat, Malbec.

Pastas with tomato sauce match with red no so strong wines: Pinot Noir, Carmènere, Sirah.

Greasy cheeses get very good with Chardonnays. They have the power to clean the mouth.

Rosé ones are so fresh. With seafood they are the perfect combination!

Sparkling wines are the key to save any occasion. They can be served since the entrance to the dessert! Moscatel ones get delicious with berry pies or cheese cake!

It is funny to make the matches. To taste new flavors. To try new sansations!

All of these can be done at home, in the kitchen, with family, friends, alone…

Whatever! The possibilities are endless and the plausure is certain!


What do you think?

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