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Share your affiliate link and earn FORK Token. How?

How can I share the FoodSocialBlog with my friends?

Think of sharing a link with your friends on this fantastic FoodSocialBlog, and thanks to you they can explore a new world born to share food experiences together, and thanks to them and their registration you can earn FORK Token.Well this is the  FoodSocialBlog‘s “affiliate program” .

With the “affiliate program” option, once registered you will be assigned a personal link that you can share with your friends and earn Points and FORK.

The link is on your “Profile Page” in the “Info” section:

1)Click on your profile picture to open your “Profile Page”

2) Open the side menu and click on “Info”

 Copy it and share it everywhere:

If your link is used to view the blog you will earn 1 Point

If your link is also used to register you will earn


– 5 FORK

MORE info: https: //


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