Just Eat and food delivery at the time of covid-19

The Just Eat national observatory presents the results of the focus dedicated to Covid-19 to photograph Italian habits, tastes and priorities among favorite dishes and kitchens, new behaviors and needs, on a sample of over 30,000 respondents.

The evidences:

Over 90% of the sample considers food delivery an important or essential service at this time: for restaurants that can continue to make deliveries (66%), but also for those who are forced to go home (30%)

60% order food delivery in this period: pizza is good, but ice cream is booming with + 133%, together with orders in family and groups format (+ 124%) and poké

The menus dedicated to children are growing, those for lunch during smart working and also beer and wine on holidays

Safety is key: rider with masks and gloves, 65% important and contactless delivery for 60% of the sample

At Easter? The favorite dish at home is the Neapolitan pastiera, followed by the Easter and Easter Monday menus, dove at home, baked potatoes and lasagna

More than a month and a half after the country’s lockdown, Just Eat, the leading app for ordering lunch and dinner at home all over Italy and the world, creates a focus of the annual Observatory [1] on the home food market, to analyze the food delivery consumption between March and April 2020, and changes or confirmations in the habits of Italians at home, but also preferences, important issues, behaviors and priorities in this moment of difficulty.

The health emergency has in fact provided for necessary restrictive measures to contain the infection, reducing travel as much as possible and forcing everyone to stay at home, for many also to work from home, in addition to imposing fundamental closures for companies and markets, including that of catering.

But how did this emergency affect the tastes of Italians at the table and their home habits?

The food delivery, which remains permitted for restaurants, clubs and pizzerias closed to the public, represents for over 90% of the sample interviewed an important or essential service at this time, grasping its importance especially for restaurants, which can continue to do deliveries, despite being closed to the public (66%) but also for those who order and are forced home (30%).

Almost 60% of the sample also reveals that they are ordering food at home these days, while those who do not declare it as the main motivation to devote themselves mainly to cooking, spending a lot of time at home.

Daniele Contini, Country Manager of Just Eat in Italy says: “We are facing a moment of great emergency and constantly evolving for all markets. A situation that has an impact on our daily lives, habits and consumption. In particular, we believe that consent and the continuation of home deliveries for catering is an important step for food delivery as a service, in some cases essential, in this moment of crisis, and for this reason we are doing everything possible to support restaurateurs who have decided to take this opportunity, operating in compliance with precautionary measures. “

There is also an increase in the request for activation of the service by restaurants and also by entities that did not previously use it, and which see food delivery as a concrete support for their business.

Among these are also popular brands that can thus continue to offer their specialties to customers, and to customers themselves the possibility of receiving them directly at home. A growth, that of Just Eat, which today has reached a presence in the territory in over 1,100 municipalities and more than 105 provinces, in each Italian region, with over 13,500 partner restaurants and over 35 million meals delivered since 2014.

“This territorial expansion – continues Contini – means for us to be a concrete support and development for the entire catering market, not only in large cities, but also in the provinces and smaller towns, covering today with the service the 64% of the population and 100% of the municipalities with more than 50 thousand inhabitants. “

The most ordered foods

Pizza is always confirmed in the first place as the most ordered dish, followed by the hamburger, sushi, chicken and Italian cuisine, especially as an alternative to cooking at home in these days of isolation.

An absolute new entry is instead ice cream which ranks fifth among the most ordered kitchens in the last three weeks, unlike the trends of the “more standard” periods, when it skims, but does not fall, in the top 10.

Among the main growth trends, desserts and ice creams (+ 133%), but also sushi and Japanese food in formats to eat with family and in groups, such as boats and mixes (+ 124%) and the now famous ones pokè bowl (+ 54%).

Electronic payment (57%) is equally important, in particular for women (49%) as well as food bags tightly closed (47%), all measures that the app, also in collaboration with has put in place right away .“We believe – concludes Contini – that the development of digital still has a huge potential linked to food delivery, just think that in Italy only 18% of the market is still digital. At this moment new customers and new restaurateurs have approached digital take away, radically changing their consumption and business habits, and we expect this trend to persist even after this moment of difficulty, just as potential for great development and digitalization also of the catering market. “


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