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Gordon Ramsay disgusting, says one of the 500 laid-off employees

We receive and publish the email sent to us by one of the 500 employees or, better, by the former employees of the restaurants of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay.

He wants to remain anonymous and explains why. Obviously, we satisfy him and thank him for the testimony that also clarifies the chronology of the notice given and the closure of all contracts with group employees starting from April 17.

What a former Gordon Ramsay employee says

Alas, I am also an employee, or rather ex-employee of Ramsay… ..I would like to remain anonymous and not give any name because unfortunately, the world of catering is still old and uses medieval methods.

Let me explain better: we all wanted to denounce it and shout it out loud that the way we were treated is unfair, unfortunately the truth is that if we did, we would never have a job in this sector again, especially here in London where the “influences” are many!

It is really disgusting that despite the huge flow of money generated by his restaurants, Ramsay has not been able to guarantee something more.

We have given all the soul in these years working for a common ideal, for the good of the company, we have done overtime, pulled straight many times without even taking a break in 16 hours of work, we worked Christmas and New Year without receiving even a extra single pound on our paycheck; we have been “seduced and abandoned” by the blazon that the name Gordon Ramsay carries with it.

I honestly don’t know how many of us will return to work for the company, it is simply not fair to treat your employees in this way, the ultimate means by which such companies generate earnings.

To tell you the truth, we learned about the closure of the restaurants on Thursday 19 March, when Gordon published his first post on Instagram.

In the late evening of Thursday we were informed that the following morning we would have a meeting with the head office in the private room of the Heddon Street Kitchen.

We were organized into various groups based on the seniority gained in the company and once they entered they told us that they would close everyone’s contracts, obviously giving us only the 4 weeks of notice and, if we had accrued, the holidays not enjoyed .

They added that we would receive an email explaining the situation better and a few more details.

Following your meeting on 20 March 2020 and as already discussed, following the decision to temporarily close our restaurants, I am writing to inform me that your employment contract will be terminated, you will be paid four weeks’ notice. During this notice you will be put on leave.

The end date of your employment will be April 17th 2020.

Your P45 (salary form taxed the current year), the paid holidays and other debts to you will be paid in due course.

We also understand that this is a difficult time and we remind you that our employee care program, Hospitality Action, is available to help you.

You can send an email to receive support by call – to the address or call them directly at 08088022111.

You have the right to appeal against this decision. If this is the case, you must put this appeal and its reasons in writing and send it to the human resources team, within seven days of receiving this email; we will arrange for a person to respond to your appeal.

In the meantime, if you have any questions please contact me or a member of your management team.

Another very interesting thing is that they calculated the 4 weeks notice from March 17th.

Obviously we were all blown away because we were convinced that we had some greater guarantees behind us. I have attached a copy of the email and a photo that is so dear to us ex-employees these days… let’s call it like this: “the luxury of not giving a damn …”

If you have any other additional questions, I will be very happy to answer, of course as mentioned above, in total anonymity;

It took me years of my life to build my career and I would not want to start again because of a “star” who has stopped being interested in the world of cooking long ago! Thanks!


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