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GastroAdvisor’ blog is also a #socialnetwork where you can earn our Cryptocurrency FORK in many ways!

💰To earn FORK within GastroAdvisor’s FoodSocialBlog, just perform simple daily through these actions: Registration, Write an article, Upload Video, Upload img/gallery, Insert a social post, Create group, Join a group, Referrals.

❗️When you got your FORK, you can use them in many ways, you can:

Transfer them to your friends, use them in our shop, request the transfer them within your ERC20 Wallet!

📲Within the social network you can earn points to increase your Rank, you can even get beige that will guarantee you greater visibility! Initially you will be “Food Blogger” then by accumulating points you can even become a “GastroAdvisor Expert” and get many benefits!

🎯Points can be accumulated in many ways, for example through: Registration, Daily Log in, Write an article, Upload Video, Upload ima/gallery, Post a social post, Visit by other users to your posts, Comment an article, and much more!
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