2 centuries old tradition Turkish ice cream

 An ancient and tasty technique that allows Turkish ice cream makers to give a unique show. Dondurma (this is its name) is the typical Turkish ice cream made with cream or whole milk, whipped cream, sugar, salep (a flour derived from the tubers of wild orchids that make it resistant to high temperatures) and chews (which is used to give the compound its distinctive aroma and its characteristic rubbery, sticky and stringy consistency). 


Originally in Turkey there was only this salep-based ice cream and chews and its recipe was kept secret for 300 years by the Ottoman Empire. In the mid-19th century, a Syrian merchant managed to steal it from Istanbul to Damascus, where he developed a local version, called booza.



Thanks to its consistency this ice cream has become famous on you Tube for the videos shot at the ice cream makers by now artists and magicians in serving ice cream From various tricks to real magic to amaze customers 

An ice cream definitely worth trying and being served. What about you? Have you tried it?


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